Mobile Home

Whether your home is on wheels or a permanent foundation it’s still your ‘home sweet home’. The fact that a mobile home depreciates and can be moved makes it a little different than a standard homeowner policy. The type of policy generally used to insure is called a mobile home insurance policy. Like a standard homeowners policy, the major insurance components of the mobile home policy are as follows:

  • Dwelling – the basic physical structure of your home such as the outside walls, roof etc.
  • Other Structures – other buildings on your property that are separate from your home like a detached garage or tool shed or shop.
  • Personal Property – your personal stuff inside like furniture, stereo, tv and other belongings.
  • Liability – protects you in case someone gets hurt on your property and decides to sue you or file a claim for damages after sustaining an injury.
  • Medical – assists in medical costs that may be necessary should a guest on your property get hurt.
  • Additional Living Expenses

Optional Endorsements include such coverages as:

  • Vendor’s single interest coverage – Protects against collision during transportation and various types of fraud, including a lienholder’s right to repossess the manufactured home.
  • Trip collision coverage – Insures your home as it is being transported from the factory to your location.

To qualify for coverage the mobile home generally has to be tied down or sitting on a permanent foundation, skirted, occupied and properly heated. Mobile homes for commercial use or rental can also be insured but under a different type of policy.

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