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 A FEW Insurance Q & A (Questions & Answers)


Q. First Q & A – What is my deductible for windstorm and hail losses in my homeowner policy?

A. The Deductible and the Wind/Hail deductible is prominently displayed on your declaration page. The wind/hail deductible is usually listed as a set dollar amount or a percentage of loss.

Q. A storm has caused a power outage in my area and has affected my electricity for an undetermined amount of time. Does my homeowner policy cover the cost of a motel?

A. No. Your property must sustain direct physical damage from a covered peril and be unfit or unsafe for occupancy as a result of physical damage.

Q. Is there coverage under my homeowner policy for water that enters my home through basement walls, window wells or the basement floor?

A. No. Water that enters the home in this manner is considered surface water, or water below the surface of the ground and as such is  excluded in your policy.

Q. Does my credit history scoring have an impact on my auto insurance?

A. Yes. Most people are unaware that their credit history scoring can have a impact on their insurance rates in addition to their driving records.

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